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Luise Burkhardt

DIW Berlin


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DIW Berlin
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Doctoral Researcher at DIW Berlin & HU Berlin (Research Topic: Volunteer Work and Well-Being over the Life Course)
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I was accepted for the upcoming ISQOLS Conference in Granada in 2019. The ISQOLS membership is important for me as a sociologist in the research field of subjective well-being. I am looking forward to widening my international professional contacts and knowledge in this multisdisciplinary field in order to get new insights and enrich each others research. And of course I would generally like to meet nice people who share the same interest in the topic of well-beeing.
Please describe your area of research and interest
I am a quantative sociologist in the field of volunteer work and subjective well-being. My research is based on panel data on the individual level (Socioeconomic Panel Study Germany). I am interested in the question whether volunteering without monetary returns makes people happier compared to people who never engage in volunteer work. I am hereby focussing on the identification of the causal direction of this relationship and problems of self-selection and endogeneous bias.
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  • Civic Engagement
  • Happiness
  • Life Satisfaction
  • Methodology of the Social Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Volunteerism
  • Wellbeing

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