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  • Registration and Refund Details:
  • The early bird registration fee has been extended to 5 July. 
  • The virtual presenter registration deadline is 5 July. 
  • 100% full refund (if unable to attend in-person or virtually) is available through 5 July. 
  • A 50% refund is available (if unable to attend in-person or virtually) from 6-15 July 
  • No refund available after 15 July


"Quality-of-Life for Resilient Futures: Sustainability, Equity, and Wellbeing"

3-6 AUGUST 2022

Burlington, Vermont, USA

Tentative Schedule:

Call for Abstracts for Workshops, Symposia, Papers and Posters closed February 15. Please see program tracks below: 




2022 Theme: Quality-of-Life for Resilient Futures: Sustainability, Equity, and Wellbeing

2022 DescriptionThe ISQOLS 2022 Conference in Burlington, Vermont, USA is the first in-person ISQOLS gathering since the global pandemic began. It provides the opportunity to build connections within our interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary community of scholars and practitioners dedicated to promoting quality-of-life and wellbeing. Hosted on the campus of The University of Vermont, the conference provides a forum for reflecting on our collective learning about quality-of-life throughout the global pandemic while providing evidence about how to cultivate resilience at all scales (individual, community, national, global) with a special focus on sustainability, equity, and wellbeing impacts on quality-of-life.  We are pleased to welcome researchers, practitioners, students, professionals, faculty, retirees, experts and novices to Burlington, Vermont, USA in August 2022. Selected special events and lectures during the conference will be recorded.

Topics, Tracks, and Symposia

Endowed Tracks

  • Ronald E. Anderson Endowed Track on the Alleviation of Human Suffering           
  • Elizabeth Eckermann Endowed Track on Gender and Quality-of-Life
  • Takashi Inoguchi Endowed Track on Quality-of-Life and Well-Being in East Asia    
  • Kenneth C. Land Endowed Track on the Advancement of Quality-of-Life and Well-Being of Children
  • Mahar Mangahas Endowed Track for the Advancement of Quality-of-Life and Well-Being in Southeast Asia
  • Rhonda G. Phillips Endowed Track for the Promotion of Community Development and Community Well-Being
  • Daniel Shek-Wofoo Foundation Track for the Advancement of Adolescent Quality-of-Life Research       
  • M. Joseph Sirgy Endowed Track on Well-Being and Policy
  • Valerie Møller Endowed Track for the Advancement of Quality of Life and Well-Being in Sub-Saharan Africa


(1) Theoretical Advances in Well-Being, Happiness and Quality-of-Life               

(2) Methodological Issues in the Study of Quality-of-Life, Happiness and Well-Being: Data Collection and Models              

(3) Well-Being in the World and in Regions            

(4) Well-Being in Different Populations                   

(5) Cultures and the History of Well-Being              

(6) Health and Well-Being                

(7) Promoting Well-Being: Public Policy and Development            

(8) Beyond GDP: New Understandings and Measures of Progress              

(9) Philanthropy, Volunteerism and Well-Being                  

(10) Economics of Happiness           

(11) Consumer Finance and Well-Being                  

(12) Social Relations and Well-Being                      

(13) Promoting Worker Well-Being in Organizations

(14) Well-Being Statistics in Policy Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation

(15) Other Applied Research in Quality-of-Life

(16) Qualitative Methods for the study of Quality of Life/ Well-being/ Happiness

(17) Quality of Life and Environment

(18) COVID-19 and Well-Being

(19) The use of Big Data and Machine Learning in Well-being studies 

(20) Equity and Well-Being   


  •     GLO/EHERO Sessions on Happiness Economics
  •     GNH.Today Sessions on Big Data and Well-being

Kelly Hamshaw

Jane Kolodinsky

Stephanie Rossouw

Carol Graham

Graciela H. Tonon

Jill Johnson

Martijn Burger

Martijn Hendriks

Nicholas Prang

Helen Lasimbang

Talita Greyling

Michael Moser 

Steven Kostell

The International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS)




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