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Member Highlight: Prem Adheesh Lekhi

1-Dr =International Healthcare Professional -Humanitarian-Asean-Ingo


I am literally living the quality of life studies/research in my life,modestly speaking.


My background/experience/research=


in quality of life studies- medical doctor,medical advisor-vietnam,medical supervisor-singapore,program manager-malaysia,organising chairman ngo,honorary secretary,ngo=health,science,medicine,teacher,writer,wellness coach,holistic lifestyle practitioner,naturopath,vegetarian,spiritual,yoga,meditation,runner,cyclist,photographer,eco traveller,researcher,speaker, in management-disaster management in asia/asean ,,during tsunamis,earthquakes,floods,natural disasters ,spans more than three decades in many countries,malaysia,thailand,singapore,philippines,laos,cambodia,vietnam,myanmar,indonesia,india,nepal,sri lanka,pakistan,hong kong,japan,bangladesh,holland,usa,uk,europe,experiencing first hand, the meaning of quality of life and its importance, especially to the vulnerable.

When my friends were migrating to the west for greener pastures,no pun intended,I chose to remain home, to serve my fatherland-india and motherland-malaysia,one reason-my parents were there-filial piety in asian society-my quality of life study and research began at home and i am proud of my teachers-my parents.

Medical mission ,still ongoing,for -''recovery and rehabilitation phase''- of post supertyphoon haiyan,tacloban,philippines brought the best out of me ''where I saw first hand ,the devastating effects of climate change-at its absolute worst.A maternity clinic was built there and international medical camps from doctors around the world,round the clock,started immediately and other international and national ngos and governmant agencies and churches ,volunteers,other religeous bodies,associations,organisations,all came together, to better the quality of life, of our brothers and sisters effected-our moral duty to help mankind.

Life-changing events==


1-I saw people lying on the railway track-sleeping and =my life changed.INDIA

2-A little girl asks me-is it expensive to see you and =my life changed.NEPAL

3-A patient asks me in the camp-why have you come to help us and =my life changed.PHILIPPINES

Bestowed with -


International Awards.


-Outstanding Award in for Social Change-Bhutan

-Asean Youth Leadership Award-Philippines

-Malaysian Book of Records-largest participation in virtual run-Malaysia

-VCA-Vashist Chikitsak Award in medical profession and community welfare-India

-First prize-English Creative Writing-Euthnasia and Medical Ethics-All India Inter Medical Colleges contest-King Georges Medical College Lucknow-India

-Bronze medal in charity run-7km-men open-UTP-university-Malaysia

-Hatyai Reviving Marathon-21km-5th position-Top 5-55-59-age group-men-Thailand

-Invited delegate/speaker-International Humanitarian Leadership Conference,Deakin University,Melbourne,Australia


International Professional Fellowships,Memberships.


Fellow-RSH-Royal Society of Health-UK

Fellow- RSM-Royal Society of Medicine-UK

Fellow-ISQEM-International Safety Quality Environment Management Association-UK

Fellow-ISDIAM-Indian Society for Development of Integrated and Alternative Medicine-INDIA

Fellow-The Linnean Society of London-UK

Fellow-The Royal Society of Medicos-INDIA

Life Member-


IFPEFSSA-International Federation of Physical Education ;Fitness; Sports Science Associations

Life Member-


AIMS-All India Medicos Society


Mention in Who's Who directory


Member- Leading Physicians of the World-USA

Member-IHPA-International Healthcare Professionals -USA

Member-IAVE-International Association for Voluntary Effort

Member-DSA-Development Studies Association-UK

Member-HDCA-Human Development Capability Association-UK

Member-HS-Honors Society-USA

Member-DGH-Doctors for Global Health

Member-WAAAM-World Anti Ageing Academy of Medicine

Member-WFMH-World Federation of Mental Health

Member-WMA-World Medical Association

Member-STFM-Society of Teachers of Family Medicine

Member-ISDE-International Society of Doctors for the Environment

Member-WONCA-World Organisation of Family Doctors

Member-NAPE-National Association of Physicians for the Environment

Member-MMHA_Malaysia Mental Health Association

Member-NYAS_New York Academy of Sciences

Member-The Association of International Marathons and Distance Races


International conferences,conventions,forums,summits,seminars,symposiums,webinars.


European Wellness Academy-International University of Regenerative Sciences

International Youth Conference-UN HABITAT/UN75

IMUN_International Model United Nations-Australian Embassy-Thailand/Vietnam

Asean Emerging Researchers Conference-Malaysia

World Congress on Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders-Malaysia

Global Summit on Cardiology and Critical Care-Malaysia

International Young Leaders Conference-Malaysia

Royal College of Physicians Sunway-Cambridge-Medical-Seminar-Malaysia

International Humanitarian Conference-Malaysia

Asia Pacific Humanitarian Leadership Conference-Deakin University-Australia

International Youth Centre Engagement Conference-Malaysia

Cambridge-Oxford-Sunway Biomedical Symposium-Sunway University-Malaysia

International Conference for Holistic Wellness-Malaysia

Malaysia Innovative Healthcare Symposium-Monash University-Malaysia

Malaysian Men's Health Conference-Malaysia

Primary Healthcare cancer Forum-Malaysia

Annual Scientific Conference-Malaysia

International Conference on World Class Sustainable Cities-Malaysia

IMU CARES Humanitarian Mission Conference/MERCY MALAYSIA-IMU-Malaysia

South East Asian Vegetarian Congress-Malaysia

Conference on Speciality Services-Malaysia

GP Symposium-Malaysia

Sri Satya Sai Orthopedic Conference-SSSIHMS-India

International Conference for Young Leaders-Malaysia

Workshop for Caregivers-Malaysia

International Conference for Cancer Caregivers-Malaysia

Disaster Management And Relief-Train The Trainer Workshop-National Security Council-Prime Ministers Department_SSIOM_Malaysia

Info Cruise International Seminar-Netherlands

National Medicos Congress-India

Universal Peace Federation-Seminar-Malaysia

AIMS-Asia Pacific AIMS-Conference-Malaysia


A volunteer at SSIOM-Satya Sai International Organisation of Malaysia and SSIO INGO


''Quality- of- life studies,''

in my personal opinion, should be undertaken by anyone ,who wants to make a change in the world,especially themselves,especially during current covid19 pandemic crisis effecting health, leading to deaths of patients and doctors,has any time in history in living memory,more doctors have died during a pandemic treating patients,the most shocking revelation and economic turbulence of biblical proportions,hard to even imagine.

''My membership to ISQOLS ''-

is very recent,I take great pride in this exclusive membership, and have a lot of respect for its board,committee,members ,who are doing a great job in the world,honestly,I think we need ISQOLS-my compliment.

I find it echoes with my morals,principles,mottos,human values of truth,righteousness,peace,love,non violence.

I am very attracted to its vision, mission and values.

I particularly like to mention a comment, from the committee members for me-''a dedicated presenter'',a compliment- i will keep close to my heart.

''Quality- of- life studies'' ,

are doing very well,more awareness campaigns,outreach programmes,especially post covid19,are definately required,more ambassadors to carry the flag-so to speak and future QOL researchers should focus on- post covid19,quality of life,wellness,happiness ,why bhutan and nordic/scandinavian countries are the happiest,happiness index is definately more important than GDP,balancing the economic cycles as well,especially during current times -a challenging equation,solve it and the Nobel prize is yours for the taking.

Brilliant minds and generous hearts are required now more than ever and its time ,leadership and team work has to go hand in hand to give the best to the world.

After all,we are all temporary on mother earth,lets value our time and lives and those of others too,for there are no others-we are all one.

In the emergency room,during blood donation,every one has the same colour of blood-lets be colour blind-imagineIi am saying this,because travelling the world,I have seen the best and worst of humanity-choose best,it works.

ISQOLS has a definate long lasting positive impact on my career,research,advancement- in my knowledge of QOL studies.

Like Dr Fauci ,the virus expert,who comes often on CNN,USA at 79,who runs daily for 7km,y great motivator,I also run daily ,to keep fit,collected 500 finisher medals from 1km to 42 km.

Of course ISQOLS is a great motivator,I think the best one,don't we all want a great quality of life!

Even during covid19 lockdown i continued my education with COVID19 online courses to educate myself

At 60,semi retired; I re- tyred ,so to speak, through ISQOLS,my favourite -international society, who gives me a great quality of life ,so i can give a great quality of life to others,of like minded friends,

A special mention of JILL JOHNSON,


whose communication skills are par excellence,I have personally noticed,she tirelessly brings the best out of people,one who keeps on encouraging, a rare gem in today''s world,,proud to call her my friend.

Wishing you happiness dear.


My motto in life is


=Love all serve all

=Help ever hurt never

=Be alike to all


Yes -Black lives matter-All lives matter


I ASPIRE TO INSPIRE BEFORE I EXPIRE-if i can do just this-i have lived well!!!


Wishing you all readers and friends around the world-may the force be with you,may you all be happy,healthy,prosperous.

YES one day ,I will like to meet you all.

I love you.

The International Society for
Quality-of-Life Studies

P.O. Box 118
Gilbert, Arizona, 85299, USA


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