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Upcoming events

    • 15 Mar 2024
    • 12:30 PM (GMT)
    • Online Webinar

    Webinar co-hosted by: The PASCAL Learning Cities Network (LCN), Faith and Spirituality- based Learning City Development, and the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS), in partnership with Swansea University and Glasgow University


    Empathy & Sympathy of Human vs AI Moral Advisers in Cities"

    15th March 2024

    8:30am EST; 12:30pm GMT; 1:30pm CET

    The PASCAL Learning Cities Network (LCN), Faith and Spirituality- based Learning City Development, and the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS), in partnership with Swansea University and Glasgow University are very happy to invite you to this open access WEBINAR on the challenges and opportunities for using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in spiritual instruction. Can AI ensure moral flourishing, learning and wellbeing in our cities?

    The round table of the WEBINAR will offer three expert interventions followed by a Q&A session. Each speaker will have 20 minutes to introduce his contribution to the discussion:

    •             Haoran Huang (AI expert, Accenture, London, UK)how does AI learn to decide and advise morally?

    •             Revd Terry Hemming (Retired Priest, Church of England, Andover, UK) how do people learn to advise morally?

    •             Brandon Vaidyanathan (Catholic University, Washington, USA) how religion matters for a learning city

    Our speakers represent three stakeholders of faith and spirituality in learning cities: the AI experts that can develop the Artificial Intelligence (AI) moral adviser, the actual human spiritual advisers and community leaders, and the academics who sees the synthesis of the channels through which the substitution of the human with AI advisership will affect the fabric of faith and spirituality that supports city learning and city development today.

    The major challenge for AI is to show sympathy. Morality is a code and AI can outperform humans in providing this. Empathy is about understanding, and we can teach AI to do this too. But sympathy is an ability of a human to feel for himself or herself what another human feels, not just to understand it. And experiencing feelings is something we hardly understand as humans, let alone to be able to be sure how consciousness and feeling can emerge in AI. Meanwhile, it is sympathy that maintains the cultural and moral system of humanity, as Adam Smith has taught us. Sympathy is what is behind the compassion, tolerance and cooperation, that allows us to learn from each other, share and flourish as people and places.

    Examples from what AI and humans can do and how it will affect cities will be the focus of the debate. Let us bridge abstract AI enthusiasm with real field work that practitioners such as the Reverend Terry E Hemming (MA, Dip. Th., Dip. TEFL., former Master of St Cross, Winchester and former Chaplain, St Swithun's School, Winchester) are doing every day to help our communities and their spiritual healthiness.

    If you want to hear what the three experts have to share with us about the latest developments in artificial intelligence in spiritual service in cities, and the challenges and opportunities that this technological development hides – do join us online!

    • 24 Jun 2024
    • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

    ISQOLS 2024 Pre-Conference Cultural Excursion Sabah

    24 June, 8:00am-4:00pm

    Location: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia 

    Experience the culture of Kota Kinabalu in this special 1 day pre conference cultural excursion that include visits to a local village and traditional food tasting and culture.

    Provided by the Lingga Eco-Tourism Kiulu, Sabah.

    Observe a traditional welcoming ceremony, cultural introduction (Dusunic lifestyle experience), Silate performance, Magavau performance. Next, enjoy a village tour and meet with local people. Learn about the Kampong's history and heritage through its food. Learn about traditional herbs medicine. Test a variety of village food dishes at the LET hall and see a demonstration of local food preparation. Enjoy a traditional prepared lunch. After lunch, explore the Lingga by catching fish and watching a demonstration on planting/harvest paddy/process rice, and making traditional lihing. Finally, enjoy the farewell ceremony. Fee includes all events, transportation (pick up from hotel) and lunch.

    • 25 Jun 2024
    • 8:00 AM (UTC+08:00)
    • 28 Jun 2024
    • 5:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, Sabah International Convention Centre (SICC)

    Selamat Datang and Kopivosian to Borneo!

    The International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS) is holding its 22nd conference in the thriving city of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah state, on the  beautiful island of Borneo. Our ISQOLS past president Liz Eckermann was born in Sabah and she envisioned and successfully bid for an ISQOLS Conference in Sabah. Sadly, she passed in 2019, and it is in her memory that this conference is hosted in the land of her birth. The theme of the conference is “Human Happiness and Wellbeing in an Uncertain World”, which reflects both the changes that have occurred in our world post-pandemic, but also the unique capacity for post traumatic growth and quality of life improvement. 

    ISQOLS conferences provide a space for scholars to provide their research findings on quality-of-life, well-being, and happiness, as well as to discuss their relevance for policymaking. Hence, for the 22nd conference, local policymakers and leaders of government, academia and industry will be in attendance during opening and closing sessions, and will hopefully gain insights to change local policies with global values. ISQOLS gathers scholars from all corners of the world, from different disciplines, with different methodological and theoretical perspectives, and following different approaches, but with one common goal: generating research-based knowledge to contribute to the well-being in societies. To that end, we are involving local non-governmental organizations, grassroots movements, and community leaders in our conference as well in order to allow these research-based knowledge to trickle down to where it matters most. 

    We also expect a stellar cast of keynote speakers who reflect pioneers and leaders in Quality of Life in the Asia Pacific region, and who will open our eyes to new values and ways of being in QoL research and practise. Confirmed keynote speakers include:

    • Simon Eckermann, Senior Professor of Health Economics at Wollongong University Australia; 

    • Andrew Clark, ISQOLS Board Member, and Paris School of Economics, Chaired Professor, Director of the National Centre for Scientific Research CNRS;

    • Mohsen Joshanloo, our ISQOLS 2018 Young Scholar Award recipient and an associate professor in psychology at Keimyung University South Korea and Honorary Principal Fellow, Centre for Wellbeing Science, University of Melbourne.

    Please read our call for abstracts and learn about the conference venues and location. We look forward to receiving your submissions and seeing you in Malaysia!


    ISQOLS 2024 Conference Planning Committee

    • 25 Jun 2024
    • 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • University Malaysia Sabah

    ISQOLS 2024 Pre-conference Workshop: 

    A Crash Course on Personal Wellbeing Interventions and Life Coaching

    25 June, 2024


    Location: University of Malaysia Sabah

    Workshop Description:

    This workshop is designed to provide participants with an overview of different techniques and interventions to enhance personal well-being and help them learn how to select and apply appropriate interventions based on individual needs and preferences. The workshop will focus on an overview of the following evidence-based techniques and interventions:

    1.     Introduction to Personal Well-Being and Diagnostics

    2.     Mindfulness-Based Interventions

    3.     Positive Psychology Interventions

    4.     Behaviour-Based Interventions

    5.     Personal Growth Strategies (Inter-Domain, Intra-Domain, and Balance)

    6.     Coaching as a Powerful Intervention


    Activities and Duration:

    This face-to-face workshop is structured as a half-day session and incorporates various pedagogical methodologies, including lectures, interactive discussions, individual exercises, and the integration of audio-visual aids.


    Reading Material:

    This workshop is based on several research articles and the following books:

    ·      Lyubomirsky, S. (2008). The how of happiness: A scientific approach to getting the life you want. Penguin.

    ·      Sirgy, M.J. (2002). The Psychology of Quality of Life. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht.

    Workshop Instructor:

    Dr. Tithi Bhatnagar is a Psychologist by training, a well-being and happiness researcher and teacher by profession, and a certified Positive Psychology Coach by practice (trained with Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, USA). She is the Author of “Subjective Well-Being in the Indian Context: Concept, Measure, and Index” published by Springer Nature, Singapore. She has presented research papers at several national and international conferences of repute and has published nationally and internationally. She is currently an Hon. Adjunct Faculty at the National Institute of Advanced Studies-Consciousness Studies Program, Bangalore, India and a practising Positive Psychology Coach (also an ICF Certified Coach in-training and a member of the APA, IPPA, and ISQOLS). Her professional experience combines industry, consulting, academics, academic administration, training, and advisory roles. She has trained around 10000+ teachers, students, Govt. Officials, and executives on different topics mainly related to well-being, subjective well-being interventions, stress management, and research methods.

    • 25 Jun 2024
    • 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • University Malaysia Sabah

    ISQOLS 2024 Pre-conference Workshop: 

    A Crash Course in the Psychology of Wellbeing

    25 June, 2024


    Location: University of Malaysia Sabah

    Workshop Description: This workshop serves to introduce many novice well-being/QOL researchers to the burgeoning research on the psychology of well-being to help them ease into this stream of research with some confidence. The workshop will provide an overview of the following areas of research on the psychology of well-being and quality of life:

    • Philosophical Foundations, Definitions, and Measures
    • Consequences of Happiness
    • Objective Reality and Its Effects on Happiness
    • Subjective Reality and Its Effects on Happiness
    • Life Domains and Their Effects on Happiness
    • Population Segments and Happiness


    Activities and Duration:

    The workshop is essentially an in-person seminar: lecture style with some degree of instructor-participant interaction. The workshop is scheduled as a half-day session.


    Reading Material: This workshop will be based on the following book: Sirgy, M. Joseph (2020). The Psychology of Quality of Life: Wellbeing and positive Mental Health. 3rd edition. Cham: Springer Nature


    Workshop Instructor: Prof. Dr. M. Joseph (Joe) Sirgy is a management psychologist (Ph.D., U/Massachusetts, 1979) and the Virginia Tech Real Estate Professor Emeritus of Marketing at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (USA) and Extraordinary Professor at the WorkWell Research Unit at North West University – Potchefstroom Campus (South Africa). He has published extensively in business ethics and quality of life (QOL). His awards include International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies’ (ISQOLS’) Distinguished Fellow Award, ISQOLS’ Distinguished QOL Researcher, Academy of Marketing Science’s (AMS) Distinguished Fellow Award, AMS’ Harold Berkman Service Award, Virginia Tech’s Pamplin Teaching Excellence Award/Holtzman Outstanding Educator Award and University Certificate of Teaching Excellence, the EuroMed Management Research Award, and the Macromarketing Society’s Robert W. Nason Award. Best paper awards include articles published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, the Journal of Travel Research, and Applied Research in Quality of Life. His editorial responsibilities include co-founding editor of Applied Research in Quality of Life, editor of the QOL section in the Journal of Macromarketing, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Macromarketing, editor of ISQOLS’/Springer’s book series on International Handbooks in QOL, Community QOL Indicators--Best Cases, Applied Research in QOL--Best Practices, and co-editor of the Springer book series on Human Well-Being and Policy Making.




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19 Aug 2022 ISQOLS 2022 Conference Dinner- Guest Registration
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18 Jul 2022 ISQOLS Webinar, "A Journey For Happiness: The Man Who Cycled to Bhutan"
11 May 2022 Inaugural President's Lecture: Why government should measure hope?
5 May 2022 ISQOLS Webinar, The Happiness and Well-Being Learning Collaborative at Purdue University
3 May 2022 ISQOLS Psychology of Wellbeing: Webinar 10 "Theories and Models of Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health"
26 Apr 2022 ISQOLS Psychology of Wellbeing: Webinar 9 "Population Segments and Wellbeing"
19 Apr 2022 ISQOLS Psychology of Wellbeing: Webinar 8 "Population Segments and Wellbeing"
12 Apr 2022 ISQOLS Psychology of Wellbeing: Webinar 7 "Life Domains and their Effects of Wellbeing"
5 Apr 2022 ISQOLS Psychology of Wellbeing: Webinar 6 "Life Domains and their Effects of Wellbeing"
29 Mar 2022 ISQOLS Psychology of Wellbeing: Webinar 5 "Effects of Subjective Reality on Wellbeing"
22 Mar 2022 ISQOLS Psychology of Wellbeing: Webinar 4, "Effects of Subjective Reality on Wellbeing"
15 Mar 2022 ISQOLS Psychology of Wellbeing: Webinar 3, "Effects of Objective Reality on Wellbeing"
8 Mar 2022 ISQOLS Psychology of Wellbeing: Webinar 2, "Effects of Objective Reality on Wellbeing"
3 Mar 2022 ISQOLS Webinar, Ireland: A case study of improvement in national well-being
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9 Feb 2022 ISQOLS Webinar: Positive attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccines: A cross-country analysis
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10 Jun 2021 ISQOLS WEBINAR: "How Was Life? New Perspectives on Well-being and Global Inequality since 1820"
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15 Mar 2021 Quality of Life in Latin America
23 Oct 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR: Validation of the SPF-Q, an instrument to assess the quality of production functions to achieve well-being, among multimorbid patients
16 Oct 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR: "Exploring the Link Between Walkability and Subjective Wellbeing in Detroit Metro Area"
5 Oct 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Does it matter where it comes from? Happiness and air pollution sources"
2 Oct 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR: "Scale Norming Makes Welfare Analysis with Life Satisfaction Scales Difficult: Theory and Empirical Evidence"
1 Oct 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR: "Be Happy: Navigating Normative Issues in Behavioural and Well-Being Public Policy"
30 Sep 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR: "Bowling with Trump: Economic Anxiety, Racial Identification, and Well-Being in the 2016 US Presidential Election"
14 Sep 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Wellbeing, sustainability, and progress: what's needed to help governments be accountable to human experience?"
2 Sep 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Influence of Spouses’ Work-Role Similarity on Inter Gender Difference in Health and life Expectancy"
25 Aug 2020 2020 ISQOLS Virtual Conference
21 Aug 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Promoting wellbeing through gender equity: ten strategies for basic education institutions""
3 Aug 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Character Strengths and Participation in Sport/Physical Activity to Promote Positive Ageing"
16 Jul 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Designing Meaningful Work during COVID-19: Implications for Managers & the Future of Work"
22 Jun 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"POZE. A paradigm for Social Change, from the inside out."
8 Jun 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Transmission of research results to the field of public policies for the improvement of quality of life"
28 May 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Community Indicators Projects: Theoretical Notions" "
2 Apr 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:" Consumption that counts – Exploring links between consumption and well-being"
15 Mar 2020 ISQOLS International Symposium & Site Visit: Quality-of-life in Kibbutz Communities
24 Jan 2020 ISQOLS WEBINAR:"Improving Quality-of-Life Through Quality of Care in Africa"
11 Nov 2019 ISQOLS Member Research Webinar, "Which factors support student wellbeing at university?"
29 Oct 2019 ISQOLS Member Research Webinar, "Exploring the concept of health-related quality of life for patients on haemodialysis in Saudi Arabia"
6 Sep 2019 ISQOLS Conference Dinner
4 Sep 2019 2019 ISQOLS Conference Granada, Spain
1 Sep 2019 ISQOLS Pre-Conference Rabat, Morocco
14 Jun 2019 ISQOLS WEBINAR, "Animals, People and the Planet – increasing wellbeing for all"
3 May 2019 ISQOLS WEBINAR, "Animals, People and the Planet – increasing wellbeing for all"
15 Mar 2019 ISQOLS WEBINAR, "Reframing Work To Improve Well-being"
16 Jan 2019 ISQOLS Webinar: "Bridging the Gap Between the Sustainable Development Goals and Happiness Metrics"
14 Dec 2018 ISQOLS WEBINAR, "Gross National Happiness of Business: An Assessment Tool"
14 Sep 2018 Webinar: "Sustainability through Happiness" with Scott Cloutier

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