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ISQOLS Webinar, "Introduction to a Culturally Sensitive Approach to Measuring Happiness Across the World"

  • 8 Jun 2023
  • 11:00 AM (EDT)
  • Online Webinar


  • The webinar is free for all participants.

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ISQOLS Webinar

"Introduction to a Culturally Sensitive Approach to Measuring Happiness Across the World"


8:00am PDT/11:00am EDT/5:00pm CEST

How can one conclude that country A is happier than country B, when happiness is being measured according to the way people in country A think about happiness? In the planned webinar, we will address this issue by presenting a new culturally sensitive method to comparing societal levels of happiness. We will support our reasoning with data on life satisfaction and interdependent happiness collected across forty-nine countries. We will demonstrate that the relative idealization of the two types of happiness vary across cultural contexts and is associated with culturally different models of selfhood. Furthermore, we will show that rankings of societal happiness based on life satisfaction tend to underestimate the contribution from interdependent happiness. We will introduce a new culturally sensitive method for calculating societal happiness and examine its construct validity by testing for associations with the experience of emotions and with individualism-collectivism. The proposed culturally sensitive approach represents a slight, yet important improvement in measuring happiness, and it’s details are already described in the recently published paper available here (in open access).


Brian W. Haas is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Georgia. He is a Fulbright Scholar (Kingdom of Bhutan) and is interested in international/multicultural education and understanding the links between culture, personality and well-being. His research is focused on understanding individual differences in social and affective functioning in humans by using a multi-modal approach and incorporates multiple methods that include personality measurement, social-behavioral experiments, and cultural assessments. A primary objective of his research is to produce results that improve the way people function within diverse multicultural settings.

Kuba Krys is a macropsychologist specializing in large cross-cultural studies covering several dozen countries from all inhabited continents. Cultural sensitivity applied to societal development and well-being is currently his main area of scientific interest. Since 2012, Kuba is working at the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where he currently holds a position of Associate Professor. In 2017–2019, as a Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), he joined Yukiko Uchida’s team at Kyoto University. In his work, Kuba crosses the boundaries the culture imposed on us.

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