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The International Society for Quality of Life Studies (ISQOLS) is a global interdisciplinary society dedicated to advancing research and knowledge on quality of life (QOL) studies. Founded in 1995, ISQOLS provides a platform for scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers from various fields to collaborate, share insights, and promote the understanding of factors that contribute to individual and societal well-being.

ISQOLS fosters interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration by bringing together experts from diverse fields such as psychology, sociology, economics, public health, environmental studies, and more. The society encourages the exchange of ideas, methodologies, and best practices related to measuring, assessing, and improving quality of life across different contexts and populations.

Key activities of ISQOLS include:

  • Conferences and Workshops: ISQOLS organizes international conferences and workshops where members and participants present research findings, engage in discussions, and network with colleagues in the field of quality of life studies.
  • Publications: The society publishes scholarly journals, books, and newsletters that showcase research on quality of life, covering topics such as subjective well-being, happiness, social indicators, and quality-of-life assessment methodologies.
  • Research and Collaboration: ISQOLS supports collaborative research initiatives and projects aimed at advancing the understanding of quality of life and its determinants. Members have opportunities to collaborate on interdisciplinary research and contribute to the advancement of the field.
  • Education and Training: ISQOLS provides educational resources, training programs, and webinars to support capacity building in quality of life research and measurement methods.
  • Advocacy and Policy: The society advocates for the integration of quality-of-life considerations into policymaking at local, national, and international levels. ISQOLS members contribute expertise to inform policies and initiatives aimed at enhancing well-being and quality of life for individuals and communities.

Overall, the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies serves as a leading organization for promoting research, dialogue, and action aimed at understanding and improving quality of life around the world.

ISQOLS mission focuses on creating a paradigm shift within traditional academic disciplines and to transform “Quality-of-Life” studies into an academic discipline in its own right.

Our goal is to establish academic degree programs, departments, and schools within institutions of higher education worldwide, all focused on the science of well-being. The ultimate goal is to help with the creation, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge of the science of wellbeing across all walks of life.  

Our Society is comprised of researchers, practitioners, professionals, students, retirees, statisticians, faculty, and people of all ages from all parts of the world, with an interest in exploring quality-of-life, happiness, and wellbeing.

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