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Best Annual ARQOL Award

The basic requirement for eligibility for the Best ARQOL Paper Award is selection of the best paper in the last year of ARQOL. This process is determined by requesting that the ARQOL Editor-in-Chief (in consultation with ARQOL Editorial Review Board) nominate one potential paper for the award. The nomination has to be approved by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors (with at least 25% of the Directors voting).

2020Francesco Sarracino and Małgorzata Mikucka 

2019Fernando Garcia-Quero and Jorge Guardiola

2018: David Bayliss, Wendy Olsen, Pierre Walthery, “Well-Being During Recession in the UK”

2017: Enrique Delamonica, "Transformational Growth and Poverty: An Evolutionary Approach for Inter-Country and Inter-Temporal Comparisons of Poverty Incidence"

2016: Vanesa Jordá, José María Sarabia

2015: Hafiz T.  A. Khan and Robert Raeside

2014: Nicholas L. Recker

2012: Liam Magee, Andy Scerri and Paul James

2011: Lazim Abdullah and Noor Jamalina Jamal

2007: Rod McCrea, Tung-Kai Shyy and Robert Stimson

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