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Member Highlight:  Ronnapoom Samakkeekarom

1. First, list your current professional title. Second, describe your background, experience, and research as it relates to Quality-of-life studies. 

-Assistant Professor in Public Health at faculty of Public Health, Thammasat University, THAILAND and also chairman of The Foundation of Thai Transgender Alliance for Human Rights, THAILAND

- Ronnapoom Samakkeekarom (Ph.D, Medical and Health Social Sciences) is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Public Health, Thammasat University. I am also a founding member of the Sexuality Studies Association and the chair of the foundation of Thai Transgender Alliance for Human rights-ThaiTGA who is NGOs working in area of Sexual Rights and Health for trans-people in Thailand. My research areas focus on gender, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, cyberspace and sexuality, etc.

2. What initially attracted you to the field of quality-of-life studies?

- I feel attracted to the field of quality-of-life studies because it is a flexible science that covers factors affecting human life both directly and indirectly. Furthermore, it is a science that take into accounts risk factors of life, life threatening factors, as well as factors that help promote quality of life including social, cultural, political, and economic factors, and other social structures. It is also flexible towards both quantitative and qualitative research methodology.

3. What are some areas of quality-of-life studies you feel are lacking attention? Any advice for future QoL researchers?

- In my view, what is challenging about quality-of-life studies is related to paying more attention to the study of quality of life through qualitative methodology and the attempt to link between qualitative and quantitative methodology amid great challenges of social inequality at regional and global levels.

4. How long have you been a member of ISQOLS? Why did you choose to be a member of ISQOLS? How has your involvement in ISQOLS impacted your career/research/advancement in your knowledge of QoL studies?

-I have been a member for more than four years now. I have chosen to be a part of SQOLS because it is an academic organization with a firm, continuous mission. The organization’s management team is also very dedicated and equipped with a broad perspective. Most importantly, works of SQOLS produces tangible results through the implementation of the mission.

-Being a member of SQOLS has greatly contributed to my work as a university scholar and a leader of an NGO. It helps provide me with deeper knowledge and ability to integrate knowledge across various sciences. Moreover, has grown in networks at both regional and global levels. It also helps me to have extended networks and connections at both regional and global levels.

5. Feel free to include any other important comments or things you'd like to share with the ISQOLS community.

-I would like to express thanks and show my appreciation towards ISQOLS community for offering scholars from developing countries this valuable opportunity to be part of an important mission in regard to quality-of-life studies, as well as continuing to develop quality-of-life studies together. Sawasdee Krub/Ka

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