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Meaning Conference 2021 Announcement

22 Mar 2021 7:50 PM | Jill Johnson (Administrator)

Meaning Conference 2021 Announcement

COVID-19 has killed more than 2.5 million people, devastated the world economy, and wreaked havoc on mental health globally. The challenges for psychologists are: How can we help people stay positive and become better and stronger? and How can we make the world a safer, kinder, and fairer place for all people?

We invite you to the 11th biennial International Meaning Conference, where you will learn from leading researchers, practitioners, and educators on how to rise to such challenges, transcend pandemic fatigue, and live a meaningful life. The International Meaning Conferences continue to be the only world congress on existential positive psychology, embracing disciplines ranging from psychology, philosophy, and religion, to management, education, and medicine. 

Come and learn the new science of flourishing through suffering. More specifically, you will learn: How to find healing and hope in tragic times and how to transform vulnerabilities to resilience. 

Given travel restrictions, we are pleased to offer the conference virtually and reach more people globally. Mark August 5–8, 2021, on your calendars so that you do not miss this unique event. 

Confirmed keynote speakers thus far include Christina J. Becker, Louis Hoffman, Todd Kashdan, Tim Lomas, Farooq Naeem, Darcia Narvaez, Robert Niemeyer, and Tayyab Rashid.

We have chosen the conference theme, because at a time when our vulnerability is laid bare by the external threats and our collective existential crisis, we embrace it as an opportunity to explore and discover new pathways to resilience and wellbeing in trying times. Subthemes of the conference include the following:

  • ·       The role of meaning in wellbeing.
  • ·       The contributions of cultural differences and indigenous psychology to global wellbeing.
  • ·       The need to confront human suffering as the foundation for wellbeing.
  • ·       The role of responsibility in personal, institutional, and global wellbeing.
  • ·       The transformation of shame, guilt, anxiety, and other negative emotions as a means of achieving sustainable happiness.
  • ·       The role of faith and spirituality in positive mental health.
  • ·       The positive psychology of sickness, death and dying.
  • ·       The effect of interactions between positive and negative emotions on wellbeing.
  • ·       A dialectical mindset in avoiding radicalism and achieving a balance.
  • ·       Humility and servant leadership in resolving conflicts.
  • ·       Moral courage in the face of dangers and risks.

This is only a subset of the expanding domain of existential positive psychology (PP 2.0). All submissions are welcome in any areas related to the adaptive benefits of what is typically considered as detrimental to wellbeing.

They can contact me. Here are the websites and

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