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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS Handbook Quality of Life 2022 Quality of Life and Social Change: Individual and Collective Paths of Social Change that nurture Quality of Life

28 Oct 2021 8:09 AM | Jill Johnson (Administrator)

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS Handbook Quality of Life 2022 Quality of Life and Social Change: Individual and Collective Paths of Social Change that nurture Quality of Life

NOTE TO AUTHORS:  The aim of each chapter is to show up alternative ways to tackle social change. For structuring the chapter, concreteness is precious; with on the one hand a pragmatic way of how this was undertaken (WHY/WHERE/WHAT) and on the other the author’s unique path of becoming (WHO), which led to their approach to social change 

1. Scope The aim of this book is to provide an extensive panorama of theories and practices related to quality of life pursued in the arena of social change. This compilation considers social, economic, environmental, and political/governance aspects as well as communication, design and human behavioural factors that favour or hamper change dynamics. To achieve this aim and to provide a multidisciplinary perspective, the chapters will be written by a diverse set of authors, including both practitioners and academics from various disciplines. This logic of diversity will be applied as well in the selection of different cultural, political and geographical contexts with contributors at different stages of their career. Contributions will be written in a compelling storytelling format that combines the personal experience of the author with their professional perspective.

2. Content The varied set of perspectives deriving from the authors’ field of experience and expertise will result in a kaleidoscope of first-hand knowledge about the paths that are conducive to quality of life at individual and collective levels. Whereas some chapters will concentrate on the policy dimension, others will provide case-studies, and others methodological innovations. Their common theme will be a holistic angle to social change processes that is not limited in its scope to either the material or the immaterial side of social transformation. The chapters will illustrate connections between micro changes (individual) and the dynamics that derive from it at the meso (community), macro (country) and meta level (planet) as well as quality of life and social change processes that have impact which is sustained through time. The editor will provide an introduction of the holistic perspective to social transformation that is illustrated by the chapters. This perspective is anchored in the understanding that quality of life is the result of alignment between the twice four dimensions that influence human existence at the individual level (soul, heart, mind and body; expressed as aspirations, emotions, thoughts and sensations), and collectively (micro, meso, macro and meta; or individual experiences, communities, countries and the world). A central message is that individual wellbeing (quality of life) is the cause and consequence of collective welfare. One without the other is unsustainable, and both can be promoted by systematically assessing and addressing the mutual interplay that connects them. Within this framework authors are expected to provide their own views, practical experience and theoretical approximation on how the multiple dimensions at stake - play out in relation to quality of life without ties to a monolithic orthodoxy. Each chapter should start with an introduction whereby authors establish their own being and becoming approximately 2,000 words) that led to the philosophy and approach that they are pursuing to build and promote local, national, or global Quality of Life (approximately 5,000 words). Moreover, such a spotlight on social change dynamics that are pursued in the ambition of inclusive quality of life for a maximum of people will shed light onto the multi-faceted nature of individual and collective wellbeing. The featured chapters will illustrate not only both, the material and immaterial factors that matter for individual and collective quality of life, and the change that needs to happen in order to foster it; but they furthermore show patterns related to the mutual interplay of individual (micro), communitarian (meso), national (macro) and global (meta) development. Differently from other volumes on social change and/or quality of life the contributors of this handbook will offer not only their professional and theoretical perspective, but also link this to their own being and becoming; thus, the lived experience that their proposal is grounded in. The Conclusion will serve to highlight common patterns that arise from the different perspectives. Respectively and together the chapters will demonstrate that quality of life and social change mutually condition and nurture each other; which stands in diametrical opposition to the common assumption that one is needed before the other one can be initiated. Keywords: Aid, aspiration, behaviour insights, connection, distribution, economic development, emotion, empowerment, environment, geographical perspective, holistic perspective, humanitarian action, impact, inequality, inequity, influence, institutions, interdisciplinarity, international development, leadership, mental health, mixed-methods, personal development, poverty, public policy, resilience, social norms, social policy, social transformation, sustainability.

3. Timeline Abstract proposals latest submitted by authors: October 2021 Decisions provided to authors: November 2022 Chapter manuscripts due: May 2022 Revisions and final preparation: May-September 2022 Submit Springer: September 2022 Publication (expected): April 2023

Core components

The chapters will be grouped in two main parts: 1) Past and present perspectives, which looks at existing concepts and constellations; and 2) Present and future promises, which explores innovative approaches and applications. Respectively and together these parts will address four questions: WHAT IS QUALITY OF LIFE? Local definitions to QoL. Causes and consequences; WHERE ARE ENTRY POINTS? Logic and limitation of players; WHO IS/SHOULD BE INVOLVED? Holistically Humane foci in social change programs; WHY CHANGE IS NEEDED, NOW? Visions for Social Change. Looking at approximately 40 contributors it is estimated that this Handbook will contain 350,000 words, including introduction, conclusion, references, figures and annexes. In line with the four question that are the backbone of this handbook (WHAT, WHERE, WHO, WHY) the authors will draw on their personal and professional experience. They will look briefly at the core drivers that motivated their journey (WHY they are here, in this line of work and in this collection), their own being and becoming (WHO they are – which influences their research, work and quality of life), and the way it shaped their vision and approach to social change (WHERE they stand in life – their theoretical and methodological perspective), which lead to the methodology and perspective that they are offering in this book (WHAT can be done to build and nurture sustainable social change, thus expanding on practical applications and policy/programmatic recommendations).


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