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Subjective wellbeing and Sustainable Development Special Issue of Sustainability Call for papers

27 Sep 2020 12:19 PM | Jill Johnson (Administrator)

Subjective wellbeing and Sustainable Development 

Special Issue of Sustainability  

Call for papers 

Although sustainable development was recognised as a process for change over 30 years ago, achieving sustainability still remains a challenge.  Many sustainability initiatives remain within existing systems and practices dominated by an economic growth worldview. This special issue focuses on the potential for a new worldview – subjective wellbeing - as a means of creating a different process for sustainable change. It will not only consider the extent to which sustainability initiatives contribute to subjective wellbeing, but more importantly the potential for subjective wellbeing  to provide a new narrative for sustainability and the role of individual and collective subjective wellbeing as a precursor to achieving the changes needed. This special issue will be situated within a growing field of literature that challenges the dominance of existing systems and processes, and human-centric, individualised conceptualisations of wellbeing, to bring about sustainability through whole systems transformative change. 

More details about the SI and how to submit can be found on the website: 

Sustainability, is an open access journal.  The costs of publication lie with the author and their institution. 


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