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Parviz Dabir-Alai

Richmond University


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Richmond University
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United Kingdom
Please tell us why you are joining ISQOLS:
I have worked in fields close to and adjacent to the areas I think are of interest to ISQOLS. Also, I have recently retired from a Professorship at my university and I'm exploring some various opportunities with organisations who have similar interests to mine.
Please describe your area of research and interest
As an emeritus professor I don't regard myself as an active researcher any more. But in the past I have worked and published in a few areas that cover various aspects of development economics. For example, on and off, I have been interested in informal labour market activity for more than 20 years and conducted fieldwork in India for this and presented my work on this to international audiences in the UK, US and Finland.
Select your areas of research and expertise (select all that apply):
  • Deprivation
  • Developing Countries
  • Development Economics & Finance
  • Development Policy
  • Development Studies & Theory
  • Economics
  • Human Development
  • Labor Economics
  • Urban Development

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