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The 22nd Conference of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies

June 24 - 28 2024 / Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

 Theme: “Human Happiness and Wellbeing in an Uncertain World”

Ever since the last ISQOLS in Granada in 2019, so much uncertainty has happened in the world - the pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine, geopolitical shifts secondary to the former, world global economic and social insecurity, and a lot of abrupt cultural and technological shifts especially with the advent of telework intra-pandemic and consumer level artificial intelligence in late 2022. ISQOLS Rotterdam in 2023 was a chance to reconnect and discover the shared values that all Quality-of-Life researchers espouse, and rediscover the wonder of real time, screen-free academic collaboration and the joy of spontaneous meetings of minds.

The next ISQOLS intends to further reinforce this focus on human happiness and wellbeing. Despite the uncertainties that are most certain to plague the world from now till June 2024, quality of life research continues unabated, and it is more imperative now then ever before in human history to shift the focus towards researching interventions at macro and micro level that can promote quality of life, and that remain resilient despite changing world values. As such, we welcome multidisciplinary approaches that explore these solutions using multiple lenses, and welcome multinational and intercontinental approaches that seek to bind together the unique experiences of disparate nations and cultures to strengthen the research evidence for quality of life studies. We hence are issuing a clarion call for workshops, symposia, and free papers that reflect these values.

Topics for the 2024 ISQOLS Conference

Topic 1: Cultures and the History of Well-being

Tracks: Understandings of well-being. Well-being across cultures. History of well-being. Religion, spirituality and well-being. 

Topic 2: Well-Being in the World and in Regions

Tracks: Arctic Circle. Africa. Asia. “Takashi Inoguchi Endowed Track on Quality of Life and Well-being in East Asia”. “Mahar Mangahas Endowed Track for the Advancement of Quality of Life and Well-Being in Southeast Asia”. Oceania. Middle East. Latin America. Caribbean. North America. Western Europe. Eastern Europe. 

Topic 3: Well-Being in Different Populations

Tracks: “The Daniel Shek-Wofoo Foundation Endowed Track for the Advancement of Adolescent Quality of Life Research”. “The Kenneth C. Land Endowed Track on the Advancement of Quality of Life and Well-Being of Children”. Disabled. Elderly. “The Elizabeth Eckermann Endowed Track on Gender and Quality of Life”. Migrants. Refugees. The Poor. The Rich. “The Ronald E. Anderson Endowed Track on the Alleviation of Human Suffering”.

Topic 4: Methodological Issues in the Study of Quality-of-life, Happiness and Well-Being

 Tracks: Big data. Causality issues. Composite indices. Conceptualizations. Database handling. Measurement of quality-of-life. Modelling. Psychometrics. Qualitative research. Quantitative methods. Surveys. 

Topic 5: Applied Research in Well-Being 

Tracks: Business and marketing. Education. Environmental. Financial. Health. Housing and neighbourhood. Pharmacology and health care. Recreation and using of leisure time. Traveling and tourism. Urban planning and policies. 

Topic 6: Disciplinary Approaches to Well-Being, Happiness and Quality-of-life

 Tracks: Anthropology. Biology. Ecology. Economics. Education. Medicine. Neuroscience. Philosophy. Political science. Psychology. Sociology. Social work. 

Topic 7: Promoting Well-Being: Public Policy and Development

 Tracks: “The Rhonda G. Phillips Endowed Track for the Promotion of Community Development and Community Well-Being”. Human development. Poverty alleviation. Sustainable development and sustainability. Social development. "The M. Joseph Sirgy Endowed Track on Well-Being and Policy".

Topic 8: Beyond GDP. New Understandings and Measures of Progress 

Tracks: Measuring the performance of societies. New understandings of progress in societies and how to measure it. 

Topic 9: Philanthropy. Volunteerism and Well-being

Tracks: Volunteerism. Altruism. Philanthropy. 

Special Sessions: Oral Presentation

(A) GLO/EHERO Sessions on Happiness Economics (organized by Martijn Hendriks, Martijn Burger)

(B) Symposium on wellbeing and the built environment (organized by Conal Smith)

There is significant research work underway on wellbeing and the built environment in New Zealand (e.g. Te Hotonga Hapori and the Public housing and urban regeneration project), Korea (e.g. HUG), and at the international level (e.g. the OECD). This reflects a wider issue related to housing design, affordability, and urban planning across a wide range of countries. The aim of the symposium would be to bring together a critical mass of papers on topics relating to housing, urban design, the built environment, and wellbeing at ISQOLS with a focus on empirical studies from the Asia-Pacific region. It is likely that there will be a several papers from different New Zealand authors connected to the programmes mentioned above, and the conference represents a good chance to link this with work from other Asia-Pacific countries.

(C) Human Brain Capital in the Artificial Intelligence Era (organized by Cornelia Walther)

(D) Advancements in Culturally Sensitive Research into Societal Wellbeing (organized by Kuba Krys) 

(E) So What Is the Psychological Difference Between Happiness and Meaning? (organized by Kuba Krys) 

(F) Advancements in Culturally Sensitive Research into Societal Development (organized by Kuba Krys) 

(G) PANEL: A multi-dimensional perspective on Quality of Life and Social Change (organized by Cornelia Walther)

2024_ISQOLS_Panel m4-matrix (1) Cornelia Walther.pdf

(H) Child and adolescent poverty, wellbeing, and quality of life (organized by Enrique Delamonica)

The symposium will address related to child and adolescent poverty, wellbeing, and quality of life based on theoretical, measurement, and policy implications perspectives. Thus, papers that address at least one of the combinations of topics and perspectives (e.g. measurement of child wellbeing, or policy options to improve adolescents’ quality of life, or theoretical innovations linking poverty and quality of life among children) would be welcome

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